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Welcome Voyager’s!! Take a look around as we embark on a new focus for our mind and body. This health and wellness blog focuses on connecting the mind and body as one to journey to a new mindset, as we take a voyage to a new healthy lifestyle. I’ll be breaking down diets and giving proper education on nutrition, while also refocusing our mind’s through journey’s to better reach our goals. Come along and join me as we take a JOURNEY to a new healthy focus!

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Plant Based vs. Vegan Diet

Plant based diets are the new craze for dieters this year. If you’re not plant base, you’re vegan. Now me myself I’m not doing either one, me and chicken have been besties for quite some time now and I just can’t throw away a 29 year relationship like that what type of person would that…

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Meal Prep/Plan

I sat in front of my computer for hours (15min lol) trying to figure out a “catchy” fun way to talk about meal prep but I have to be honest I hate meal prepping, I’m so against it like who wants to eat the same boring piece of chicken every day. Can you imagine having…

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Reset, Reflect, Reconnect

One thing we all have in common is when shit hits the fan and things begin to go wrong in our lives, all those life changes and character changes we were supposed to be making this year go straight out the window. Since starting to name my journey back in 2016, I knew I was…

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To see a change in our bodies and get the maximum amount of benefits from this 30-day challenge we must turn on our PMM’s. What are PMM’s you ask, well that’s your Portion control, Modification and Moderation for food intake. PMM’s is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, using a well-balanced meal plan and adding…

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