Naming your Journey

Naming your journey is the most important step to starting your voyage. I first realized I needed to put a name to my journey when I heard the saying “now that you named it you can see your way through it”. That really stuck with me because I knew where I wanted to be and where I saw my life going, I just didn’t know how to get there nor the first steps to take to really achieve everything I set for my life.

Naming your journey is not easy nor should it be taken lightly. I really sat down and thought of my future and my past. One thing that really stuck out to me was when people always told me “you’re not going to get anywhere with that attitude” from teachers to family and friends, I’ve heard that all my life so I started to evaluate the way I approached people on subjects that I may or may not have agreed on. I noticed that people didn’t like my attitude because I was too blunt or too honest for some people to handle, but that’s what I loved most about myself and because I loved it I didn’t want it to change.

That forced me to look deeper and I noticed I didn’t like my outlook on life. I was generally a happy person and I authentically loved the person I saw in the mirror, but why when I thought of my future I couldn’t see one thing I was doing right, I was lost. I noticed I was comparing my life to other’s instead of seeing the good and amazing things happening in my own life, I only saw the negative and that I wanted to change.

I named my first journey positive because I realized if I didn’t see the positivity in my life right now how was I ever going to see my future. Taking that journey of positivity changed me, it made me see myself and how other’s perceived me. I finally saw my outlook on life, I learned through this journey that life is all about what you focus on. If you only focus on the negative you will only see the negative. When I started to focus on the positive I saw the things I did have, I saw the open doors to my future that were already there but my focus was not.

Because of this new found focus I began to focus on other areas of my life and explored and loved on myself in a way that I would have never before, I found my core.

Giving your journey the right name sets you up, it forces you to see things you would have never seen about yourself before. It allows you to dig deep.

Choosing the right name is the first step to starting any journey, whether it be a spiritual journey or a wellness journey. A surface name will only give you surface results, but a meaningful name that speaks to your inner spirit and purpose……NOW that is when you start your voyage.

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