O.N.O It’s Organic

Are you eating organic and have no real clue on whether it’s organic or not or even what organic means? Well looks like its time for you to learn the O.N.O’s. If you are eating organic food to gain more nutrients or for weight loss, then organics is not for you. There are some instances when buying milk or honey that if you buy these items organically they do offer more nutrients then the conventional food, but that is not the case in most organic foods. Organic Food is broken down into three different varieties I like to call them the O.N.O.’s (get it “Oh no”, I know really corny haha). O.N.O stands for 100% organic, natural and organic. This is how consumers label organic food and we’re going to look into why.

Keeping it organic

Have you ever heard of the saying keeping it 100, well we are keeping it 100% organic. 100% organic means that there have been no chemicals or pesticides added to the food as well as no hormones or antibiotics just regular home grown food that has nothing but God’s work on it.

This type of organic is rarely sold in stores as it’s shelf life is almost nonexistent and most stores are not willing to take that big of a hit in food loss.

100% organic can be found at your local farmer’s market or at your local Farmer who grows organically, producing only a small amount of organically grown products. When buying from these markets or farms always be sure to ask how it is grown and the soil that is used, as this can alter the quality of the food and even the results of how organic it really is.

Now raise your hand if you ever went to the grocery store and saw a label that read 100% all natural chicken and thought you were buying organic? Raise them up high, I’ll even raise mine because I’ve done it to, but guess what it’s not (cue dramatic music)


Natural foods are quite different from organic foods that are sold for produce. Natural foods are not closely ran by the FDA despite the pressure from courts to define the term beyond meats and poultry it also does not have any real regulations. Which is why it is not associated in most organic categories.

Only 70% of natural meats and poultry are chemical and pesticide free. Natural foods are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors, but all of these things are not guaranteed. With the lack of regulations consumers do not have to tell us how the animal was raised or fed and if any antibiotics or hormones was used elsewhere.

Natural foods were created to sooth the supply and demand of customers wanting to eat healthier and organic. Consumers make and sell these products fast and easy while cheating the organic system, buying natural foods is risky but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. I know there are no guarantees but if I can possibly only have 30% or 50% chemicals in my food opposed to the 100% chemicals I’ve been eating I’ll take 30% for 200 Alex.


Who wants organic? We want organic and when we want it NOW!!!!! As the demands for healthier food and better treatment for animals grow we assume the FDA has finally listened and given us what we’ve been asking for. Organic products that only say organic with no percentage guarantee is only 95% organic as the other 5% can contain chemicals and pesticides but is usually used to sustain the product for market purchase.

I know what you’re thinking and yes this still does have chemicals and to be honest there is no real way around that. Consumers need shelf life and we need easier access to organic items, as I said before I’ll take the 5% Alex.

Organic food is not about how much it will contribute to your weight loss or even looking cool because you buy organic (ok your kind of cool). Organic food is about the cleanliness, to rid your body of the toxins and waste we have been eating on for centuries, so when shopping choose wisely and don’t forget to ask yourself O.N.O is this organic?

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