To see a change in our bodies and get the maximum amount of benefits from this 30-day challenge we must turn on our PMM’s. What are PMM’s you ask, well that’s your Portion control, Modification and Moderation for food intake. PMM’s is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, using a well-balanced meal plan and adding your PMM’s will give you everything you need to achieve your goal for the next 30 days while also being allowed to get in some of those foods we crave so much.

Portion Control

First up Portion Control, I know I know every health guru, nutritionist and dietitian all say “it’s all about your portions” but I have to say this is true. No matter what type of food you’re eating healthy or fatty if you do not have control over your portions it’s a losing battle.

I try to make portion control as fun as possible when making food. I buy only what I need and because I am a single woman who refuses to cook every day, I also factor in leftovers when grocery shopping. This trick helps me stay within portion, I know if I take that extra piece of chicken tonight I will only be left with one for tomorrow and that means I have to cook, clean and grocery shop all over again which turns into me at Popeye’s drive thru.

Keep your portions colorful, a colorful plate is a healthy plate. When plating my food, I always start with the vegetables it’s the most colorful and most important for any proper lifestyle eating. Then I move over to my meat, I tried that whole thing about eating no more than the size of your fist for my meat portions but my hands are small so I can’t trust that(haha). Now I pretty much can eyeball what I need but in the beginning I used “My Plate”.

“My plate”

“My plate” showed me what my plate was supposed to look like which was a big help, I was able to see and understand how much I’m supposed to have while also noticing it wasn’t much room for those starchy potatoes I love ha-ha. Portion control is key to any healthy lifestyle but so are modifications.


Modifications are making changes to the way we prepare our food. This transition happens slowly and gets better over time. Instead of frying start baking, bake your French fries, chicken, fish etc. and if you do choose to fry use a low-fat high smoke oil like olive oil, avocado oil or sunflower seed oil. These smalls modifications will begin to change your taste buds and your love for healthier food will grow while the need for salt and sugar will lessen.

When making modifications to meals I am very crucial on keeping the flavor, food without flavor is like a stripper without a pole it just doesn’t work. The best thing to do is look up new recipes, with the health craze at an all-time high chefs and cooks are making changes to their meals and showing a healthier version that does not sacrifice flavor. This makes things a lot easier for you so you won’t have to experience the trial and error of making modifications, this is also a fun way to try new flavors with your family. Modifications can be big or small, and I know there will be times where you do wish to have that big Sunday meal with ribs, baked beans and coleslaw and I say have it.


If you grew up with southern cooking like me there will never be a time where you do not crave a good Sunday meal. A lot of times we restrict ourselves from these types of meals because they are full of fat(flavor), calories(love) and two seconds away from giving us high blood pressure(home). When we restrict ourselves from these type foods the moment we get a taste of BBQ on our lip we overindulge.

So how do we still eat the food we grew up on without overindulging? Simply by not forgetting the “PM”, portion control and modification while also having the food you love within Moderation. No matter what you’re eating always exercise portion control and keep your plate colorful, you have two ribs on your plate add a salad or fruit to modify while still having a small portion of beans or coleslaw (not both don’t push it ha).

Modify when you can but never forget your portions, having those big southern meals every so often will not affect or change the progress you have made. By not restricting yourself of these foods this will help with cravings and overindulging, the body is already use to having carbs and everything else because you have a well-balanced lifestyle so it’s less likely to react and crave for more.

Try adding your PMM’s to your healthy lifestyle and see how the changes affect your eating habits. Big or small every change in your lifestyle makes a big difference overall.


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