Detox vs. Cleanse

Want to add a detox to the 30-day fitness challenge? When doing a 30-day fitness challenge most people like to add a detox or cleansing regiment to help aide with weight lost. I’m going to break down and explain what a detox and cleanse does for your body, while explaining how to turn on your own body’s natural detox system.


So many people think to kick start their diet they must start with a detox which is fine, but it is not the only way. With so many celebrities swearing by it and so many companies pushing detox tea’s, detox lollipops, and detox drinks how could they not work, but hers a little secret THAT SHIT DON’T WORK! A detox is best known to rid your body of toxins and remove any food or water trapped in the digestive system. When actually a detox improves the function of the kidneys and liver, increasing your energy and giving you the ability to fight off various diseases and It’s also known to kick start weight lost.

A detox should only be used for a short period of time no more than 10 days which is really pushing it, most people use it to kick start their diets which is great but news flash you’re using the wrong method Supporting your kidneys and liver is a great way to keep you moving and receiving optimal function out of both your kidneys and liver, but let’s be real here we care but we don’t care about that. We’re trying to loose that belly fat and that’s where a cleanse comes into play.


A lot of times health blogs and social media (y’all know that’s our news) group detox and cleanse into one big bubble. They’re very similar in results as increased energy and the ability to fight off diseases but the biggest difference is a cleanse supports gut health. A cleanse mostly consists of fruits and vegetables blended together in a drink that hours later make you poop, which is great for bloating and releasing tightness in the stomach area.

Juices are an anti-inflammatory and high in vitamins and minerals, this introduces healthy enzymes to the body which helps the digestive system and boost overall health. Most cleanses require a strict diet, only drinking the cleanse breakfast and lunch with a low carb dinner, this should also only be done no longer than 10 days which like I said before is really pushing it. Just like the detox this does kick start weight lost but it is not the only way and just like most diets it does not keep it off and that’s because THE SHIT DON’T WORK!

The Shit Don’t Work!!!

Listen… all of those toxins and weight lost these detoxes and cleanses claim are FALSE!! There is no scientific proof on what and if any toxins are really being removed, and the weight lost that you’ve experienced is usually water weight that the body would have naturally rid itself of anyways. It’s like I said THE SHIT DON’T WORK, it has even been proven to have placebo effects on the body which gives false results. This is just another marketing scheme used to make people think this will help them loose weight. Now don’t get me wrong I’m here for a good cleanse or detox after the holidays, vacation, even doing a 30-day challenge but only for one to two days and not to loose weight or remove toxins.

The body has a natural detox system that won’t harm your body or restrict you to any crazy diets, you just have to drink more water. Think of your body like the Tin Man from The Wiz, slide some oil to it. The oil is the water you consume, just two glasses a day is a start to help the body release and keep off any “toxins” and bloat. If you do not like water natural teas are a great alternative. Of course, adding exercise would be the most optimal way to help keep the body moving but if you’re just getting started the best way is to up your water intake and let your body naturally react to that. So, take some notes from The Tin Man and “Come on and slide some oil down my throat and let me lubricate my mind”.

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