Staying Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Well here we are, bored out of our minds and ready to kill everyone in the house, this is the time where all us single people thank God for peace (haha). During this time a lot of you (including me) have flocked to the grocery store and stocked up on non-perishables and frozen foods….oh and for all the worried this is the end of the world people, have also bought up all the toilet paper and paper towels (why?). We have come to a point where making food and going to the grocery store for more food has become the highlight of our day. Because of this we have to become more aware of the foods we are putting into our bodies. Most of us are not working out and all of us are chilling on the couch, so we have to feed our immune system through food to keep it strong. While just going outside puts it under attack, so how do we do that?  Well you have to eat fresh foods… but fresh foods are not lasting to long in most homes and during a time where money is tight fresh food may be the last thing on your list other than a couple of fruit items which are usually oranges and apples. 

Fresh food has a shelf life expiration date just like any other food, the problem is we don’t know it. We guess on how long we think it will last and for most of us that’s a couple days or a couple weeks we don’t even know the exact time frame hell I don’t even know (haha). So, in the wake of boredom I did some research and decided to do a chart on items that will last long during the attack of the Rona. 

Eating well balanced meals and staying active as possible will be a big help at this time and try not to get stuck in the boredom. Get creative, write a blog (lol) even try different exercises, we have a lot of time on our hands and this will be a great time to try different workout styles. No, you may not be able to go to the gym, but YouTube has tons of videos dedicated to every workout style and while you’re there check out our YouTube channel Journey1807 (plug) and its free! Try to keep your mind clear and productive. You handle the now and let God handle the next. 

Stay Safe, Stay Home!!!

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