Plant Based vs. Vegan Diet

Plant based diets are the new craze for dieters this year. If you’re not plant base, you’re vegan. Now me myself I’m not doing either one, me and chicken have been besties for quite some time now and I just can’t throw away a 29 year relationship like that what type of person would that make me. For some people plant based and vegan diets are the new way to cleanse their bodies to feel more energetic, less sluggish and most importantly lose weight. Then there are the ones who do it as a lifestyle change because their bodies are rejecting or responding to foods in an uncommon manner. No matter what caused you to switch over, plant-based and vegan diets offer tons of benefits especially for the ones who are making the change for health-related food concerns, but just like all diets they have their high’s and their lows. 

Following the Craze

Really quick, never follow a diet that eliminates any food group, this is a setup for failure and will ultimately end in dismay (read To Cut or Not To Cut for a full breakdown). Now these two diets do not do that, instead they alter how they’re consumed. With both of these lifestyles (because that’s what they really are if you truly commit) you will still consume fats, carbs and protein so portion control will still need to be the frontrunner of every meal (follow your Pmm’s) There’s barely any differences between these two lifestyles but two major factors. One allows the use of processed food with no consumption of any animal products (vegan) while the other allows lean meats but mainly focuses on healthful whole foods with the avoidance of processed items (Plant Based). 

If you’re planning to start any of these lifestyles or any diet, make sure you research them first and not from a friend or IG actual research, to ultimately decide if this is something you can keep up with for the rest of your life. That’s the point of all this right… to live healthy. Starting with a plant-based diet that leads into veganism would be best for those starting this new journey. Whether picking between plant-based or vegan make sure that this is something you can do because they both come with challenges. 

If you’re choosing to go vegan more power to you because the smell of meat is everywhere, the worse part of it all is how people treat you on holidays, well to be honest any day (haha). If you have a primarily black community I pray for you because I know we don’t help, your only options at any function is salad and Macaroni & Cheese, then we’ll talk about how you don’t have anything on your plate and you need to start eating meat again (haha). Besides society and their judgement, there’s some big adjustments that comes along with becoming vegan. From buying alternative food products, testing out different brands hoping their foods don’t taste like chalkboard and leaving some of your favorite meals behind (depending on the type of vegetarian). Vegan is not for the faint of heart it requires true dedication.

If you want to go plant based the cost alone will kill you, you’ll be surprised at the things they put into our foods that contains chemicals. Grocery shopping and reading ingredients will play a huge part in your life now, the chemical is within the details.  Beginning to ask questions about food when dining out to ensure clean eating is something you really have to keep an eye on. These challenges are what often turn people away after starting or continuing, but if you know these challenges before you start you can prepare for them.

Bring your own food to functions or talk with the hostess to see if they can make accommodations, educate your family on the real meanings and benefits of these lifestyles (the ones that will listen cough not the elders haha), prepare your budget, read menus ahead of time and I don’t know what you can do about the meat smell hell get in a bubble. If you’re going to do this do it right so it can be a lifestyle not a diet.


The benefits for both of these lifestyles is through the roof especially for African Americans.  They assist with obesity, stoke, heart disease, cancer I mean shall I proceed (yes indeed) energy, type 2 diabetes, healthy aging and fuller meals. The benefits list is continuous, but you don’t have to be a vegan or on a plant-based diet to receive these benefits. Most of us are already on a plant-based diet especially if you buy organic and unprocessed foods. Ok you don’t like the diet as a whole but the great thing about these two lifestyles is just incorporating some of these foods can make huge changes in the body.

            Both Lifestyles are packed with fruits like bananas, apples, berries and grapes. Vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and grains like brown rice, quinoa, oats and so much more. If you’re plant based you can occasionally eat fish, meat and dairy products all lean and clean like turkey and almond milk. In a plant-based diet the worry of a person not consuming the right amount of nutrients are not that big of a concern as most meals are well balanced but that is not the same in a vegan lifestyle. Vegan lifestyle falls short in the protein department so the foods must be paired together to form complementary proteins like the famous vegan staple rice and beans or peas and pasta.  The pairing of food is important in any well-balanced lifestyle but especially for vegan as this can lead to deficiencies later in life.

            Want to start this lifestyle? Look into the foods see if you like them, if not take the ones you do and start adding them more into your lifestyle, small changes can alter the way the body digest positively. Don’t follow the craze, start a lifestyle change because you want to change, or you notice your body reacts funny when eating certain things, or you just want to see how the process works hell IDK just don’t do it because Whitney swears she’s a better person because of it and Instagram told you to (haha). Either way both lifestyles have highs and lows and you ultimately have to decide if you’re up for it (I am not).

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Peace and Blessings!!

Need help finding the balance go ahead and click the tab above and select nutrition Coach to ask me questions or hire me as your full-time coach and we can start this journey together

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