Fighting Cancer With Food

It’s October so that mean it’s time to get them boobies checked, whip them up whip them out, it’s time to get them things checked out. This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and in my family we celebrate, we wear our pink and remember the loved ones we lost. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in American women with black women being the frontrunner. Years of research have shown that diet and high BMI (fat) can directly raise the risk of developing cancer. Now, is there a such thing as cancer fighting foods or foods that will prevent the development of cancer NO, but there is research on different foods raising the risk. Eating healthy does not eliminate the risk of developing cancer but it can reduce it.  

  According to NASM (Nutrition Academy of Sports Medicine) there is a variety of factors that increase one’s risk for developing cancer, including genetics and the environment; however, these factors typically only amount to less than 30% of a person’s lifetime risk of getting cancer. To lower your risk of developing any type of disease is by following a well-balanced lifestyle. Key points to remember when following a well-balanced lifestyle:

  • Focus on plants (vegetables, whole grain, nuts, fruits)
  • Make healthy choices by shopping on the perimeter of the store that is where less processed foods are kept in grocery stores.
  • Choose foods to help with inflammation like salmon, brown rice and probiotics like yogurt and kombucha
  • Buy Organic when you can (organic does not mean heathy just less toxins)
  • Buy lean meats for less fat
Foods that will increase your risk of cancer
  • Avoid Processed meats: Food processing is defined as any procedure that alters food from its natural state such as freezing, drying, milling, canning, mixing, or adding salt, sugar, fat, or additives.
  • Avoid red meat: limit red meat intake to 18 ounces per week and pick meats low in fat like sirloin
  • Women should avoid alcohol consumption limiting to only one drink per day and two drinks per day for men. Less is better

As always use your PMM’s, fill your plate with two-thirds of vegetables and whole grains, you want to enjoy the skittles of the earth (Skittles of the Earth Article) for they pack the biggest punch. Cancer has become normalized, there is always somebody who knows somebody with cancer or had cancer. Studies show that the average American women developing breast cancer is 13% that is a 1 and 8 chance she will develop cancer. I don’t know about you guys, but those numbers are a little to close for me, so please remember to get your mammograms. For the young girls like me gone to that doctor and get felt up, who knows you may find a husband (haha). Just remember to get checked, eat well-balanced meals and stay active.

Stay Healthy,

Stay Safe,

Peace and Blessings!!!

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