Eating Right & Keeping It Tight

The holidays are right around the corner and so is all that great food. If your family is anything like mine preparing food for the holidays is like gearing up for the 2020 cooking Olympics, tryouts are held on Easter. If you mess up on Easter, then you’re automatically put on “you can buy the utensils and plates this time” job (hahaha). 

Thanksgiving is the first holiday up it’s the kickoff to all the holiday cheer. On my family’s table there will be turkey, chicken, dressing (not stuffing wtf is that), sweet potatoes, greens, potato salad, cranberry sauce, ham, chitterlings, cornbread and macaroni and cheese …. baby we eat haha. 

Oh, wait dessert, how dare I forget the top off of the night, we’ll have peach cobbler, apple pie and sweet potato pie and don’t you dare buy any of this shit from the store (we had some fakes a few years back they’re on utensil duty now). Now with all this lovely food on the table the only question on my mind is where to begin? I know around the holidays it’s hard to stay on track, but I have a few tricks that will help you enjoy all the food for the holidays and not regret every bite January 2nd. 

Don’t Stop Moving

A lot of times when the holiday’s come around we stop exercising. We become more busier than usual with gearing up for Christmas and getting list together for who needs what, and with “The Rona” still out on the loose no telling what Christmas is going to look like for a lot of families this year. I get that you’re busy, but in all that busy you still have to take time out for you, and what better way to work off some of that holiday stress than with a quick workout. 

Around this time your normal workout routine maybe a little shorter, for most people if you can’t do the whole workout you usually say forget it, don’t say that; get up and do the 15min workout on YouTube instead of your regular 45min. 

Movement keeps the body in a regular natural detox state which we all know you need around the holidays. If you don’t have a regular consistent workout routine but you exercise here and there try to get on a routine. Even in these busy times find some time to move, starting a routine while you’re busy may even be a benefit. Finding time now will only help you expand the time you dedicate towards yourself in the future when you have more time and on a more regulated schedule. 

A consistent routine is important for anyone anytime of the year, it’s your foundation. Anytime you fall off track or life happens to throw you for a loop, you always have something to fall back into when the dust settles. You always have a place to get you back on track. The most fun part about staying active around the holidays is when that table of food is laid out, you can have at it (respectfully). You know you’re going to burn all of this off in the morning, you have a routine already set, and the gates of food heaven is open. 

When living a healthy lifestyle you can have these moments and not feel guilty because you know you only eat like this a few times out the year, so you can enjoy the food you have without thinking it will come to haunt you in February.

How Much You Got on That Plate?

Now I am fully aware that everyone’s not pushing dumbbell’s and running treadmills 3x a week, hell I’m not doing that myself hello yoga. You may like a brisk walk with the dog or a low intensity Richard Simmons, Denise Austin workout, which is fine because my next tip goes for movers and non-movers. 

Whether you’re moving at the gym or scooting across the living room floor I have one question for you, how much you got on that plate? 

No matter what you eat portions will always play a part but it’s thanksgiving and right now I see three proteins, three starches and some fat(love) disguised as vegetables, now how and the world am I supposed to portion that. Sampling!!! You don’t need big mountains of food piled on your plate that is going to make your belly burst before you even make it to dessert, nobody told you to put all that on your plate in the first place (haha). 

You can sample your food, now I’m not saying small little dollops that only a child can eat but I’m not saying that much more, you want a dollop but a respectful one. You already have three starches, three proteins and “vegetables” to choose from so get a little of each one. 

Piling food on your plate that you will only force yourself to finish, (you know you can’t throw away a plate with food on it, you will be condemned in my family ha) is only adding excessive calories you do not need and if you’re a low intensity mover this will be calories you are unable to burn. Your stomach will thank you and so will your toilet! Even people who exercise should practice this around the holidays, no matter how much you burn if you consume more than you burn you might as well not have worked out at all and that goes for any food consumption year around. When approaching that beautiful spread of food, you only need to remember a few things:

  1. Watch your PMM’s
  2. Get a good workout in the day of, before and after to move that food around to get it out of your system
  3. Enjoy!!!

       Enjoy the holidays no one eats like this year around so enjoy it and if you do eat like this year around call me I can be your online nutrition coach to guide you to a healthier lifestyle (yup that was a plug ha) In all seriousness forget about the food, forget about the healthy lifestyle and enjoy your family, if 2020 taught me anything it taught me to hold on to the ones you love for they are not there for a lifetime. 

Stay healthy

Stay Safe 

Peace and blessings!!!!

Need help finding the balance go ahead and click the tab above and select nutrition Coach to ask me questions or hire me as your full-time coach and we can start this journey together


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