It’s The Blessings For Me!!

It’s that time of the year again where I set my new Journey for the New Year. 2020 was not the year of goals especially fitness goals, it was more the year of surprises and BS, but 2021 is right around the corner and me and my mask will be stepping up and showing out. Right before I name my new journey, I like to align my goals, what do I see, feel, what is my direction. 

If you’re new to the blog you’re probably wondering what journeys are and why are we naming them. Well instead of choosing a New Year Resolution I set a journey to follow throughout the year and I name it something catchy that inspires my overall goals.

I like to set my journey for the year in November, mainly because once the holidays start the last person I am focused on is me, so in the middle of November (sometimes towards the end if I’m already busy lol) I set my journey. 

Setting my 2020 journey was easy I just continued the journey I started in 2019 which was “Stepping into My New Life, now I wished I would have picked something different (haha). Setting my 2021 journey this year is looking to be slightly difficult because of this new world we are in but that will not stop me from moving forward. 

What I Learned 

In 2019 I set my 2020 goal and called it stepping into my new life pt2. I wanted to step into whatever God was calling me to do, I wanted to be open and honest with my feelings but also try new things without letting fear get in the way.

Now, if I knew 2020 was going to turn out like this, I would have just scratched the whole thing (I still can’t believe I bought a planner for this year what a waste). My goals were to start school (check) be open to love (check) help my mother(check) and not let fear drive my decisions (check) I wanted to step into my new life with open arms and I did. 

2020 had its share of challenges, I mean they shut the whole world down and I was trapped in a house full of snacks and my own thoughts while my only travel plans were to work and the grocery store. I was beginning to see Walmart as my main attraction for the week (haha). Despite these challenges I still found ways to grow. After anxiety and panic calmed down and paper towels were back on the shelves, I realized that this was a time to listen, so I did. I also knew I had to be patient, I couldn’t just go out and do whatever I wanted because everything came with a caution it’s 2020 sign attached to it.

See I’m a bit of a control freak, I want to have a plan, I want to execute that plan the way I thought it out in my head and that’s the end of it, but Corona and God had different plans and I was not ok with that. In this season of change I learned to adjust, be patient, not knowing what’s next is ok just live in your purpose and it will all come together.

I don’t know how many times growing up I heard someone in my family say “it’s not your time it’s God time” hell I even say “your will your way Lord” but saying it and actually doing it is two different things. I had to put my own words to the test, I had to relinquish control. 

Giving up control tested my fear while listening tested my trust and not knowing testing every damn thing. I really enjoyed this journey because even though The Rona put us in a bubble I still managed to step out of my personal bubble and step into a lifestyle that allowed me to be open with the people I love but most importantly myself. I basically kicked fear in the ass and I’m ready for more (haha) 

What’s Next 

I am quite excited to set my journey for 2021, so many things have changed in 2020 like how I passed my exam and is officially a Certified Nutrition Coach (small brag), or how I watched my mother step out her comfort zone and take a leap of faith moving to North Carolina, to repaired relationships and relationships ending all while feeling stronger in my faith than I have ever been before.

2020 had plenty of lows but it also had some highs too I mean hello 1,200.00 stimulus check, where’s them second checks at though…now What’s Next!!!! 

This Year I am naming my 2021 Journey What’s Next. So, what’s next for me you ask? Yeah, I have no clue (haha). My goals for 2021 is to remain open to people and new things, grow in my business, get a new job (hopefully that happens before 2021 haha) and find a place to call home. My pastor Steven Furtick said, “when you have more questions than answers that’s when you know God is working”.

So, work on God because he ain’t telling me nothing (haha). 2020 taught me you can’t plan that far ahead, yes set markers and goals, but you also have to be willing to adjust and change because everything is not concrete. I want to still actively work towards my goals, but I also want to leave room for God. Relinquishing control gives me room to ask God what’s next. It allows me to think and add more to my goals and life.

I couldn’t control 2020 and I damn sure won’t be able to predict 2021 so why try. I have my goals and dreams and the rest I’m leaving up to the universe.

I feel this journey will be a special one because I’m leaving room. I’ve never just left room to grow and expand on terms I may not understand, I always had control (well at least I thought I did haha). In these 29 years of life, I have learned life is a journey not a destination and I refuse to miss out on the little things. So, I’m going in the middle of the road looking to the heavens and shouting WHATS NEXT!! 

What’s next for the world, what’s next for me, what’s next in my career, just what’s next. I’m leaving space to grow, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  This will be a first for me you guys so pray for me, I’m nervous about this next chapter but I’m more excited to see what awaits. 

What are you naming your 2021 journey? Drop those names in the comments, who knows maybe you’re ready to make room and ask what’s next! 

Stay safe

Stay healthy 


Need help finding the balance go ahead and click the tab above and select nutrition Coach to ask me questions or hire me as your full-time coach and we can start this journey together

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