The Good, The Bad, The Realistic

It’s the Good the Bad and the Realistic. When it comes to dieting and losing weight food is often labeled as good or bad, you have the good food which is usually super healthy packed with nutrients and in my opinion boring (haha). Then you have your bad side full of junk and not a lot of nutritional value but damn tasty. This is the main reason I hate diets because no food should be labeled as good or bad nor should it be removed from your diet. I love healthy lifestyles because it shows you the realistic. A realistic eater is going to eat from the good and bad side and find balance between the two. Easier said than done right, let me break it down 

The Balance

In our unrealistic dreams we wish to have a nice size body cute boobs and a little pump in the trunk, all without having to workout or give up our favorite foods. In a realistic world we find it hard to navigate those paths we usually end up picking more from the not so healthy side, but in reality, you can have all those things with balance. Society tells us what food is bad and what you need to do to get healthy and stay in shape, well society fails to mention how to create a realistic balance.  When you eliminate different unhealthy foods from your lifestyle the body begins to crave it even more than usual, and because you are unaware of this change and failed to heal the mind before the body you have lack of willpower and back to square one you go. That’s because it’s unrealistic, now I’m not saying you can have one yogurt in the morning and junk the rest of the day and call yourself healthy but there is a way to achieve both. 

You have to take the good and bad and make it work, I personally live my life this way and have achieved great results. I simply take something bad and pair it with something good. The other day I was craving some local Cleveland chicken from Kim’s Wings, (if you’re ever in Cleveland get you some Kim’s Wings, they’re the best) I know these wings are going to be saucy, greasy, fried and downright delicious. So instead of getting a full 4 wing combo, I chose to order two wings with sauce and while I was ordering I was putting sweet potato fries in the oven so by the time I come back they will be done. Now I have my wings and fries, but I also need a veg. a well-rounded meal has a starch, protein and vegetable so I made a salad. Boom I have a full well rounded realistic meal and I didn’t have to give up what I love and grew up on.

Being realistic is all about how your pair it, you want that fried chicken well pair it with something nutritious and good to balance it out. When you go to restaurants order a la carte and make it your own or order off the menu and make substitutions that fit your needs. Healthy living does not have to be in this box of good or bad when it’s really all about how you make it.

The Realistic

Realistically we all want pizza, fried chicken, cakes, cookies, ribs and ya’ll know I grew up on southern cooking so when I sit down to eat, I need it to have flavor. I also want my stomach on flat, flat and ass on what’s that and last time I checked cornbread and collard greens will only help me in one of those departments, so I had to change my mindset. Changing your mindset to a more realistic view instead of what society has pumped into our heads is not easy. When I first got into nutrition, I thought it was going to be salad and celery sticks but it is so much more than that, so I often thought why are we not teaching this method, why so many people think healthy only looks one way and that’s because it’s not fast. In America we want it quick and fast the quicker the better they say. Going the more realistic route is not fast, I personally like to think of it as medium speed with real long-lasting results. This is why most diets fail because they’re unrealistic and the realistic route is often seen as bad because it’s slower. 

Having a realistic mindset about how you eat will give you longer lasting result’s because we’re not taking away anything just adjusting. Setting your PMM’s will help with adjustment it will teach you how to modify and enjoy the food you love. If you’re looking for fast by all means take the celery stick and salad route but if you’re looking for real results that last, change your mindset and get real about what you’re eating and how you can adjust it and make it work for you in a healthy manner. The most beautiful thing about having a realistic healthy lifestyle is it comes in many shapes and sizes; you can be a size 10,8 or 4 and be healthy in your own right. The goal is not to get skinny the goal is to become healthy and love the body you have right now.  

Stay healthy

Stay Safe

Peace & Blessings

Need help finding the balance go ahead and click the tab above and select nutrition Coach to ask me questions or hire me as your full-time coach and we can start this journey together

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