Checking In!!!

I feel like every once and awhile we all need a good thorough wellness check and what better time to start than the beginning of the Year. Now this is not your typical check in, in this wellness check you must ask yourself some real true questions. I mean yes check on your overall health like, are you eating properly, do you get enough rest, are you getting proper exercise (most of yawl have answered no to all of these questions already but I am not judging haha). Have a deep wellness check, where you really get real and raw with yourself, ask yourself how are you handling life? How are you managing your stress when problems arise, are you controlling the problem or is the problem controlling you, are you loving your body or are you abusing it? ARE YOU OK?

I’m not sure about everybody else, but my New Year starts in February. The first 10-31 days of January is usually pure trash, most of us are catching up on bills that were put off for Christmas or like me making those last Klarna/after pay payments (they really get you with that 4-payment thing) either way it goes January is stressful. So, for me anything new starts in February. February maybe short but its packed with so much like Black History Month, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, National Drink Wine day I mean the representation of love and unity is out of this world, so what better time than to check in!!

Are You Ok?

Who truly ask themselves this questions, Are You ok? I know until I started naming my journey I didn’t. I used to think I’m alive, so I guess I’m ok. 

How you deal with life effects everything, relationships, finances, healthy lifestyles everything, but rarely do we ask ourselves am I ok. Other people ask and 9 times out of 10 we usually lie and smile and say I’m fine but, on the inside, “I’m annoyed, hungry and barley want to have this conversation” (well that’s usually what I’m thinking at least). When you’re in that headspace nothing is getting done, only thing you’re doing is lashing out at other people instead of stopping for a second to manage the situation. 

Most of the time we don’t have the time to stop and ask ourselves these questions and that’s why I do them while I’m doing two things, taking a shower, or working out (if you have long poops you may think at your own leisure haha). Those are the two spaces where I am the most relaxed with a clear mind and can truly ask myself AM I OK? I’ll be honest having a bad day and getting in the shower is by far the easier one of the two to do and it works, but when I started to tie my wellness check into my workouts and used that hour or thirty minutes as a mental break to get out any aggression, disappointments or decision making, babyyyyyy I loved it. In these moments I don’t reflect on the problem, I know the problem and I know it can’t be fixed right now. What I ask myself is why am I reacting this way, what is the real problem, what solution can we work on today. 

Living in constant misery and depression is no fun for anyone, especially the people around you. Usually when there’s a problem, we focus on the problem and how to quickly resolve it but sometimes we make the problem worse by how we respond. Take a step back, sit the problem down for a second, take a breath and get yourself together first.

Hold Up That Mirror

You ever wake up and get a glance in the mirror, and say DAMN, then proceed to get ready to stand in the mirror and pick out every reason why this outfit won’t work, while picking apart different parts of your body, judging and saying I wish. A lot of times we mess up our own day just by standing in the mirror and picking out that one thing you don’t have or don’t like about yourself.

Looking in the mirror with or without clothes on can be hard for anyone. I’m skinny and I still pick apart my body and ruin my day all from a mirror. I personally say forget that mirror, they be lying anyways…. how my legs in the bedroom mirror looks toned with a “hint” of definition trying to come in, then in the bathroom they look like two twigs dangling in the wind, no no baby not today. 

If I wake up crabby, I usually just skip it fix my hair and say I am what I am, because who needs the added criticism. On days where I wake up feeling good, I stand in front of that mirror superhero pose style and love every inch of me. I want to celebrate my body not let it be the first thing to a bad day. Being ok is not being ok with every inch of ourselves mind, body or soul. But dammit it’s ours!!!

So, hold up that mirror and be ok with every fat roll, scar, cellulite all of it because it’s yours and that’s what a real woman looks like anyways. The things you can change, change it and the things you can’t turn on Beyonce sorry and put those middle fingers up!!!

Wellness checks are for checking up on you, checking up on your health and your self-care, I like to go deep with these things because it makes a better me. It helps you correct mistakes and have better self-awareness which is a primary step in any healthy lifestyle. The mind is the first step to any healthy lifestyle and the key to keeping focus. So go right now and take 2-5minutes to breath, fuck them kids, fuck that man and defiantly fuck that job go adjust your crown!!!

ARE YOU OK? Need help with getting on track for your healthy lifestyle let’s start with a wellness check, click the tab above and head over to nutritional coaching where we can get started today together. 

Peace & Blessings 

Malanna S.  

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