Building Trust: My 2022 Journey

It’s already 2022 and I’m just now settling into my new journey, it took me forever to find my new journey but here we. The name of my new journey for the year 2022 is TRUST and I can already tell this is going to be a hard one lol. 

Each year I pick a new name for my journey, or I continue my unfinished journey from the year prior instead of doing a New Year resolution. I personally never stick to resolutions; I always forget them by February and never put any real effort into them. So instead, I put a name on the path that needs work in my life and use it as a staple or mantra to keep me on track for my overall goals. 

Last year my word was WHAT’S NEXT and that journey came with a lot. 

What I learned for 2021

My 2021 journey was a go with the flow type of journey. I did have goals I wanted to meet and new blessing I felt was on the way but that didn’t come, I thought 2021 was going to be my year but no it had other plans.

Like every New Year I start off with high hopes, goals in line and focus all on me but see I found new love (obstacle #1 haha) that was it, that’s all it took what do you want from me haha. 

Even still in my personal life I was still using my journey, like with anything, everything new comes with new fears and my journey was to be open to whatever God had for me. I was asking him What’s Next for me? I thought we agreed on career first but clearly, he didn’t draw up the same plans, but overall I was happy and loving the journey I was on. 

As the months passed and life continued to move on, I was getting that stuck feeling, so I thought about my journey, thought about remaining open to new things and the goals I had set. Well, none of these goals are getting completed besides being open, I don’t have a new job I chose to stay at my current one (delay #2) and my business hasn’t grown despite me still putting out work (blow #3). In my personal life I was doing good but career and team of me, not so much. So, because what I wanted to happen for this year wasn’t happening I decided that I need to slowdown and re-group, I told myself to hold up. 

Building trust in 2022

Now this is not no Beyonce Hold up, I’m not smashing any windows and ain’t no hot sauce in my bag, but I wanted to slow down. You know I’m not sure if it was the entering my 30’s thing or my knees telling me chill out, but I realized that I do sometimes move through things too fast just to get them done with and I usually end up paying for it in the end. So, I just knew that’s what God wanted me to do, we both agreed to take a break (“we both” ha I know God chucked at that haha), I wanted to find the cracks and fix them. The problem with that was there was no cracks. 

Yes, there’s always areas to do better in or spruce things up here and there but I was looking for flaws not home improvements. I told myself in 2022 we’re going to hold up and move slower, I just knew it was my 2022 journey speaking to me all the way in October, baby I was certain this was the move (it wasn’t the move). I began to write my new journey, which is the easiest blog for me to write, I mean I’m talking about myself and that has never been a hard task for me, but for some reason hold up just didn’t connect. I sat there for at least an hour and nothing, I knew hold up was not my next journey but what is? 

I have no idea where the word TRUST came into play but I’m happy it did. I didn’t need to slow down or hold up I needed more TRUST. Trust in myself, people, business just all-around trust and I am definitely lacking in that department. I’ll be honest this journey may last a couple years I am not the most trusting person. Once a person feels pain and hurt multiple times, you’ll do anything and everything to make sure that doesn’t happen but doing so we tend to overprotect ourselves and trust a lot less(me). 

I personally want to change that within myself I have a lot of people and things in my life that deserve more trust from me #1 being God and family. I’m not stuck God has moved many things for me that continue to work in my favor and just because things don’t happen the way I set them up doesn’t mean it won’t happen. No matter who you believe in or if you believe in anything Trust in yourself and trust in your higher power and the people around you that deserve it. I’m learning that trust is the key to moving forward in this life and TRUST me I’m working on it!!! 

Now I can’t lie this journey has me a little shook but if I can learn to trust you can take the first step to start your new journey. Don’t know where to start? Click the nutrition tab button up top and we can get started together.

Peace & Blessings 

Malanna S. 

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