Boosting Your Immune Stytem

Hey guys….so as you know I live in Cleveland and the weather has been back and forth and I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have time to be sick so it’s time to boost that immune system!!!
Around March leading into April, I like to get my body ready for the constant weather changes but also for my allergies. For all my allergy people out there anything to help make the summer better is always a plus. So, I’m going to show you some foods you can incorporate into your diet and some good balanced meals you can make to keep your immune system boosted and feeling your best self.

Take Me Up!!!

I am going to go over 8 of 25 foods that can help boost the immune system. All these foods are packed with many other benefits like vitamins, healthy carbs, healthy fats and so much more.
Just like with anything you do you can’t just rely on one source. These foods will help boost your immune system, but it is also important to get adequate sleep, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, manage stress and most importantly have a healthy diet.
First up grapes, when I found out all the benefits of grapes honey, I went out and bought even more haha. Grape’s conations numerous antioxidants and polyphenols that protects the body’s cell. One of the keys to boosting the immune system is staying hydrated, grapes are 82% water, they also contain resveratrol, which helps regulate immunity and fight inflammation and may also play a beneficial role in the prevention and progression of chronic diseases. All antioxidants are involved in the immune system. Spinach is packed with antioxidants vitamins like A, C and E and it also carries a source of iron. While boosting the immune system spinach is also helping to fight free radicals that can cause damage to the cells. Yogurt is another fighter but with this one you must choose a yogurt that has “live and active culture” like Greek yogurt. These probiotics act as good bacteria in your digestive system and boost natural defenses against diseases.
Did You know red bell peppers contain almost 3 times more Vitamin C (127mg) than a Florida orange (45mg). In addition to its function as an antioxidant several cells of the immune system need vitamin c to perform their task.
Next almond’s, the nut of all nuts. When it comes to preventing and fighting off colds, vitamin E tends to take a backseat to vitamin C. However, this powerful antioxidant is key to a healthy immune system. According to Today’s Dietitian just 1 oz or 23 unsalted dry roasted almonds provides 169 calories, 6g plant protein, 3g fiber, “good” unsaturated fats, magnesium, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the most effective nutrients that help keeps the immune system working. Ginger is another ingredient many turn to after getting sick but should look to more often for daily consumption. Ginger may help decrease inflammation, which can help reduce inflammatory illnesses. Ginger may help with nausea as well. Initial research has shown that ginger may be beneficial for combating bacterial infections.
Almost all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. With such a variety to choose from, it’s easy to add a squeeze of this vitamin to any meal. Oranges contain a plethora of Vitamin C, from the flesh to the zest oranges provide 78% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. These antioxidants help fight infections while increasing the production of white blood cells. Our final ingredient is my personal favorite garlic. Early civilizations recognized its value in fighting infections and began to add it in cuisine to consume daily. Garlic may also slow down hardening of the arteries, and there’s little evidence now but it may help to even reduce blood pressure.
The best thing about all these ingredients is how easy they are to incorporate into your daily lives.

Mix it up

There is not one ingredient I mentioned that can’t be used in multiple ways. Some of these ingredients do require a pairing like spinach. Spinach has an iron component that is better absorbed into the body when paired with a source of vitamin C. If you’re making a salad add some oranges or any other kind of citrus fruit or when making a smoothie with spinach use orange juice and if you like to cut down on the sweetness use half water half OJ to still aide with the absorption.

Yogurt comes in many varieties, you got your regular go to yogurts like strawberries, blueberries etc. but when it comes to getting the best benefits of “good” bacteria you want a plain or Greek yogurt. Now to me that sounds boring, but you can spruce it up by adding honey and fresh berries which I have found to be pretty good, but you can also incorporate yogurt into dishes. Like a curry sauce or making a fresh dressing there are so many different recipes that can incorporate yogurt, look up recipes and see what else can be done. Remember this ingredient is creamy with a muted flavor, which makes it great for pairing and healthy benefits.

When it comes to garlic, I put that sh** on everything. Baby I keep fresh garlic, from pastas to chicken and even a good steak garlic is endless, some people even use it as medicine to reduce a sore throat and so much more. One of my favorite pasta dishes I make have 3 of the immune boosting ingredients. It has spinach, bell pepper and of course garlic and if I chose to go even healthier, I can use Greek yogurt in place of heavy cream. Its called stuffed chicken shells with spinach click the link and enjoy a boosting dish on m e.
Now you know when you’re starting to feel that icky feeling or just wanting to do some preventative care there are many ingredients and dishes to help make you feel better and keep you on your toes. Just throwing a couple shavings of ginger into some tea is one you can always start with. Also never forget, food can only do so much remembers to exercise, manage stress, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and most importantly build a healthy lifestyle.
Need help getting started click the nutrition tab up top and we can get started together.

Peace & blessings
Malanna S.

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