Eat Good Feel Good

Baby we made it!!! 2020 is over and we are ready to move on. 2020 was the year of vision and we saw a lot, a lot of heartbreak, truth and anger, but with all the bad juju that has come our way we’re moving forward and towards the light to our new vision andContinue reading “Eat Good Feel Good”

It’s The Blessings For Me!!

It’s that time of the year again where I set my new Journey for the New Year. 2020 was not the year of goals especially fitness goals, it was more the year of surprises and BS, but 2021 is right around the corner and me and my mask will be stepping up and showing out.Continue reading “It’s The Blessings For Me!!”

Eating Right & Keeping It Tight

The holidays are right around the corner and so is all that great food. If your family is anything like mine preparing food for the holidays is like gearing up for the 2020 cooking Olympics, tryouts are held on Easter. If you mess up on Easter, then you’re automatically put on “you can buy theContinue reading “Eating Right & Keeping It Tight”

Fighting Cancer With Food

It’s October so that mean it’s time to get them boobies checked, whip them up whip them out, it’s time to get them things checked out. This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and in my family we celebrate, we wear our pink and remember the loved ones we lost. Breast Cancer is the mostContinue reading “Fighting Cancer With Food”