Meal Prep/Plan

I sat in front of my computer for hours (15min lol) trying to figure out a “catchy” fun way to talk about meal prep but I have to be honest I hate meal prepping, I’m so against it like who wants to eat the same boring piece of chicken every day. Can you imagine havingContinue reading “Meal Prep/Plan”

Skittles of the Earth

Did you know that if you eat your vitamins you will no longer need to take a daily multivitamin? God has given us the skittles of the earth that is packed with every vitamin and mineral the body needs. Fruits, vegetables and even some meats are packed with vitamins and minerals and so much moreContinue reading “Skittles of the Earth”

Reset, Reflect, Reconnect

One thing we all have in common is when shit hits the fan and things begin to go wrong in our lives, all those life changes and character changes we were supposed to be making this year go straight out the window. Since starting to name my journey back in 2016, I knew I wasContinue reading “Reset, Reflect, Reconnect”

My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!

We are two months into quarantine and I’m not sure who’s anxiety has come out to play but mine has definitely entered the building. I’m an essential worker so leaving the house first thing in the morning is still a part of my daily routine, you can only imagine how that has sent my anxietyContinue reading “My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!”