The Good, The Bad, The Realistic

It’s the Good the Bad and the Realistic. When it comes to dieting and losing weight food is often labeled as good or bad, you have the good food which is usually super healthy packed with nutrients and in my opinion boring (haha). Then you have your bad side full of junk and not a lot of nutritional value butContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, The Realistic”

Life after/during Lockup: Quarantine 15 Edition

Have you been forced into your home, are you scavenging your fridge for more food and snacks, is your eating habits like a bus schedule (every 15 minutes one coming)? Well my friends it looks like you have QUARANTINE 15. Freshman 15 has now turned into quarantine 15 and the worst part is, it affectsContinue reading “Life after/during Lockup: Quarantine 15 Edition”


To see a change in our bodies and get the maximum amount of benefits from this 30-day challenge we must turn on our PMM’s. What are PMM’s you ask, well that’s your Portion control, Modification and Moderation for food intake. PMM’s is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, using a well-balanced meal plan and addingContinue reading “PMM’s”