Life after/during Lockup: Quarantine 15 Edition

Have you been forced into your home, are you scavenging your fridge for more food and snacks, is your eating habits like a bus schedule (every 15 minutes one coming)? Well my friends it looks like you have QUARANTINE 15. Freshman 15 has now turned into quarantine 15 and the worst part is, it affectsContinue reading “Life after/during Lockup: Quarantine 15 Edition”

My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!

We are two months into quarantine and I’m not sure who’s anxiety has come out to play but mine has definitely entered the building. I’m an essential worker so leaving the house first thing in the morning is still a part of my daily routine, you can only imagine how that has sent my anxietyContinue reading “My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!”