My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!

We are two months into quarantine and I’m not sure who’s anxiety has come out to play but mine has definitely entered the building. I’m an essential worker so leaving the house first thing in the morning is still a part of my daily routine, you can only imagine how that has sent my anxiety through the roof and trust me my mother or the news doesn’t make it any better. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, SANITIZE SANITIZE SANITIZE!!!, damn this mask is hot. Getting home feels like entering a safe space for about an hour then reality hits and suddenly I feel trapped. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way at first, why my anxiety was so high? I’m an introvert, being at home is not a hobby it’s a way of life(haha). I love being at home, I am the person who will cancel plans just to stay at home, but this is different this is by force and out of fear of catching a virus; MY ANXIETY CAN’T TAKE THIS!

So How am I Doing You ask?

Well I’ve got to say pretty good…. now. No matter when we come out of this life will not be the same, the way we travel, hug, even handshaking may now be prohibited, nothing will be the same, so I decided to adapt and listen. It has been made very clear that this virus is here to teach us something, I have placed my trust in God to one day bring understanding but for now I’m listening. As crazy as this may sound some of the things we are doing now may have to become our new normal so I’m choosing to get a little head start.

When I begin to listen to my anxiety in a positive way, I always start with what I know and what I know is my anxiety goes up when things are unfamiliar to me, so I made it familiar. I know what to do I’ve been doing it for a month now so why not make it a part of my daily routine. A routine that will keep me safe but also take the fear away. If you are following the guidelines that are being set and staying protected why add an extra step to the million one steps you already have to remember, fear is just another step. I made a routine, so I knew what I was doing was safe and exactly what was required of me but now I don’t have to obsess over what I’m doing because I do it every day. It helps lower the anxiety that I feel with just leaving the house, but thank God for days off, at least then only thing I’m fighting is my allergies from constantly making me feel like I have the virus.

Thank God for Off Day’s!!

Off days are still slightly the same for me, at the end of the day it’s a break from my job but it’s different; it’s like I said before I feel trapped. I’m an introvert, I don’t go anywhere when we don’t have to be quarantined but for some reason telling me I cannot go outside makes me want to go outside (haha). Being at home is not the same anymore I still have my off-day routine but as much as I loved being home, I still had activities I attended but now my day off routine is now my everyday routine and I’m bored. So instead of falling into my boredom and watching Tiger King I made another routine that required listening. listening to the little things I may have ignored because I was too busy or would have never thought of doing if it wasn’t for pure boredom. I’ve read books, gone on walks, brainstormed new ideas and researched new cooking techniques. I try to keep my mind free so I won’t ask myself when will this all be over?

Of course, there’re gaps in my day no one can ever account for every second of the day especially when the day only involves one location. Most people are filling that time with family, watching TV, video games, or online shopping. No matter what you are filling it with if you are single or with your spouse that you are definitely leaving after this is over you miss human contact. Right before I was about to write one day, I went to my yoga studio (living room) and started my yoga practice and at the end of the practice she had us hold our hands together and then give ourselves a hug. As I layed there in shavasana and gave myself a hug it gave me the sense of you will be ok, I have not had a hug in a month and I’m single so I haven’t had a good hug in some time but I didn’t know how much I missed it until that day. Studies show that simply hugging yourself or holding your hand can change the chemical balance in your brain so now when I’m home and I’m becoming anxious or feeling down, I give myself a hug and say it’s ok.

Anxiety is high in everyone right now but there’re so many lessons to be learned right now. You have to wait to go into the grocery store so that’s teaching us patience, families are experiencing hardship but you have a stock pile so let’s work on our giving, parents now have become the teacher, caregiver and provider, take a walk in their shoes learn understanding. Is my anxiety completely gone after doing this no but we’re living in a scary world so why make it scarier? So, finding a routine listening instead of reacting and giving myself a hug when needed has become a part of my Covid-19 try not to lose it survival kit, what’s yours? Leave a comment on what you’re doing to keep your anxiety at bay, what are your survival tips, comment below and let me know. Peace and Blessings!!

Stay Home!!

Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “My Anxiety Can’t Take This!!!

  1. My anxiety has been tearing me up too! The other night I slept 2 whole hours! It’s a mess…but I’m making it…I have been reading a lot and being creative has really helped me. I also got into pilates since the gym is closed…I need to take your advice though and make an anxiety playlist.


    1. Definitely make a playlist having something on hand to soothe you is very important also try listening to your anxiety in a positive way a lot of times it’s trying to tell you something.
      Stay safe😊


  2. I am of course cleaning things that I couldn’t get to before, and working on revamping my spaces in the house.
    Exercise and healthier eating also helps.

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