We outside!!!

Summertime is coming and springtime is here so that means BBQ’s, amusement parks, family vacations and with Covid restrictions lifting a Hot Girl/Boy season is upon us. 

While every diet restriction, healthy choices and gym time is gone out the window. 

See here’s the thing about spring and summer it last so long! See In the fall and winter you have holiday’s right, they last a day and in black households with leftover food a week, and that puts a strain on your healthy lifestyle because of all the unhealthy food. But Spring and Summer time last 6 months, 6 months of every time it gets hot, somebody taking out their grill and throwing a couple of dogs on it, fairs with funnel cakes and caramel apples, while traveling states trying new food (if you get the same food you have at home when you travel why travel? I am judging you haha).

 Oh, and for the moms, the kids are home in the summer, and you don’t want to deprive them of their snacks so now all these delicious snacks are in the house and you find yourself sneaking one of the kids honeybun at 9pm. So coming off a diet around this time would be tough right? 

Then why the hell do everybody call it quits around this time of the year when we need the most restrictions. Well because it’s the spring/summer and you’re going into this season loving the body you have today and not giving two damn’s about what other people think, hell we lose weight for the summer anyways(haha). But who wants to have done all that work, all that adjusting, just to throw it out the window to pick it back up 6 months from now 10lbs heavier than when you started a year ago. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!


I am no different from you guys in the spring/summertime I also begin to let up on my healthy lifestyle. Who can resist all the delicious summer food you get and here in Cleveland BBQ in the summer just hit different than any other time, I don’t know why haha. So yes I am with you but I’m also not coming off a diet and I also keep the same energy I had when I am following my healthy lifestyle(you never leave a healthy lifestyle it will become apart of you).

 Diets are something you get on then get off of when you meet your goal or you’re just over it.

The reason most people fail is because the moment you have nothing holding you back you let it all go. Take what you learned from the diet you were on, are there meals that you liked that can become a lifestyle for you? Remember how you had smaller portions and made better decisions.

 These are the tools you need for dieting and a healthy lifestyle during the summer. You want to enjoy the warm weather and the good food that are now in season while still watching what you eat. Remember in the wintertime you wanted two good pieces of roast with potatoes and green beans, but you opted for one slice of roast, a nice full portion of veggies and a small portion of potatoes so you can stay on your healthy track. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!!! 

Instead of 4 ribs get two, instead of a big heaping of potato salad go for one serving, (even less if you really want to stay on track) instead of a funnel cake and Carmel apple all to yourself split it with someone so you won’t be undertaking so many calories. 

The spring and summer time can be a fun and joyous time if you keep the same energy you had while on the fall and winter diets and lifestyle changes, keep the same habits and the same mindset you had with restrictions without restrictions. 

Let’s get physical

Keeping the same energy will help with your eating habits but what about your physical activity. I know my yoga time is cut down in the summer because I’m doing so many things. Between outdoor activities with my family and a lot more dinner dates with friends, baby I be booked, and busy and physical activity is the last thing on my mind. So how do we fix that, how do we still get in gym time, yoga time, family and friends time and you can’t forget about some you time (self-love is the best love anyone can find) all while still enjoying the nice weather that we all long for throughout the cold months. 

Well, we use what we got to get what we want!!! (Ronnie voice Players Club). 

The best thing about the spring and summer is the weather is getting better and you don’t have to stay confined in the house. Physical activity does not have to be a gym or studio anymore, we have so many other places to go to now. 

I know one thing I’m super excited to try is yoga on the beach, I love going to the beach and enjoying the sun, but I usually just sit there and look cute ha, so this year in my efforts to remain active I’m going to bring my mat and see how I like that. 

In the summer there’re a lot of activities that involve walking, like the zoo, amusement parks, museums and aquariums use that, just put a lil pep in your step and some soul in your stroll and you’ll be on your way. Is it the same as running on the treadmill or lifting weights in a gym no, but you don’t run the treadmill for hours do you, you don’t lift weights while enjoying the scenery (okay you may do that), the point I’m making is use your personal activities as a your physical activity as well. 

The spring/summer time is a time to break out of the house and enjoy the weather, food, family and friends and though you maybe ending a diet or continuing your healthy lifestyle it’s doesn’t mean you have to lose everything you’ve learned and gain everything you’ve lost back.

 It means enjoy it but be mindful, keep the same energy you’ve been having and don’t forget all activity is physical activity as long as you’re moving your body!! 

Spring/ summer time is kicking your ass? Don’t worry I got you Queen and King. Click the menu button and go to nutrition coach, there I can help you find your healthy journey and show you how to live in it realistically. 

Stay safe

Stay healthy 

Peace & blessings 

Malanna S.  

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