Meal Prep/Plan

I sat in front of my computer for hours (15min lol) trying to figure out a “catchy” fun way to talk about meal prep but I have to be honest I hate meal prepping, I’m so against it like who wants to eat the same boring piece of chicken every day. Can you imagine having bland chicken with broccoli and rice on Tuesday then having the same thing on Wednesday, my car and my card will be ready to go hello Chick-fa-la. But nonetheless I knew people would want to be informed on the proper way to prep so I did my research and really looked into what this tool could be, and I like it (I know I know). First off never get your information from Instagram they’ll have you thinking meal prep is black containers with steamy lid tops, when this tool is actually so much more than that.

The name should really be changed to meal plan because that’s really what it is, you can plan your meals when going to the grocery store by making a list, plan your ingredients to have guaranteed freshness with nutritional options, plan your meals to ensure your family is eating healthy through the week. This is simply taking what most people already do but organizing it with nutritional caution.

Grocery Store Prep

I’m sure you didn’t even know the grocery store was a part of the meal prep/plan. Most people hate the grocery store (I love it), so you make your list so you can rush through grab the little things you need and you’re out, is that on sale…ok now you’re out. Did you pick up any healthy balanced meal options that you can use/make through the week for your family? No right, most people plan their meals day by day then just pop in the grocery store for the little things they need for that meal. I know because I was one of those people but now I grocery store meal plan.

As much as I love the grocery store, I only go on Friday’s. I like Friday because fresh produce is coming in for the weekend (fresh tip also on Tuesday) and that’s pay day duh. On Thursday I plan two to three meals for the week, I make sure they are healthy and well balanced (carbs, protein, fat) but mainly something that I actually want to eat. So now when I make my list for the grocery store, I’ll add the ingredients I need for the meals I planned which will save me time and money and if I check the sales in the paper (online… who’s getting the paper). I can plan meals around meats and vegetables that are on sale. This ensures me that at least 3 days out of the week I am eating a well-balanced meal and if I plan for portions, I can make it stretch for another day which will essentially add to my healthy meals through the week.

Ingredients Prep

Question do you make a grocery list then forget it at home or you take it to the store but don’t really use it (let me stop talking about my mom)? For this to work you have to use the list, I personally use sticky notes. I stick the note on my phone when leaving the house then I stick the note onto the cart handle at the store so I can follow along, crazy but effective.

Bringing the list is very important but what’s on the list plays an even bigger part. You want to buy the things you like, like ice cream, snacks, juice but be mindful of seeing patterns when indulging in these treats, are you eating more chips than fruit. Taking some of these things outof the home and only buying them sporadically could help with those late-night trips to the fridge and staying on track with healthy eating. The most important ingredients on that list is the ingredients you are buying to prepare your meals.

You want your meals to be good and nutritious while also to your liking. If I have pan seared salmon and wild rice with broccoli one day, I like to plan for a little razzle dazzle for the next day, like a juicy turkey burger with some sweet potato tots (Modification PMM’s) then maybe a chicken salad the next day. These meals don’t have to be big and extravagant; you’re just looking for something nutritious and good. Looking at ad’s can be very productive when planning your meals, they can spark your interest and save your pockets but don’t forget to look into new recipes. Trying new recipes is one of my favorite things to do, it helps bring something new to the table while also buildings up your food stock repertoire which will also save money with not having to buy so many ingredients all at once when shopping (just saving you all types of dollars). The ingredients are just as important as the meal, you want a starch, protein and veg for all meals and planning them ahead will help with achieving that.

Meal Prep/Plan

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (who sing that song?) that’s meal prep, you prep your meals for the week. Which I am learning is fine and dandy, but please do not make the same meal over and over again, and don’t switch out the vegetables thinking you’re switching it up you’re not. Meal prep can be fun if you let it, I personally like my meals made fresh so that is why I do the 2-3-day prep but for those who have time constraints meal prepping on Sunday for the week may be more feasible.

Make these meals fun if you’re planning to be in the kitchen most of the day might as well put in some work and make some good meals. Have turkey noodle soup one day (even healthier if you make your own broth), crusted salmon with sweet potato hash and green beans the next day or squash spaghetti the next. These meals should be filled with energy dense and vitamin packed foods (read my previous post skittles of the earth to see vitamin packed foods) but most importantly foods you actually like that are packed with both flavor and nutrition so you don’t have to take the unhealthy route to your friendly Chick-fa-la because you had a boring meal yesterday.

Meal Prep/Plan does not have to be black containers and steamy lids they can be delicious and nutritious if you plan them right. Make your grocery list so you can stay on track and save money. Be mindful of what’s on the list, you want a healthy well-balanced home and for family’s healthy kids grow into healthy adults. Plan the meals you want and Modify them to make them fit into your balanced lifestyle and if you need, plan and make your meals ahead of time. Plan a variety of foods that is healthy and tailored to your liking. As always Portion Control is the front runner in every meal as we know no matter what you eat you can always overeat it (look at my plate in the PMM article to see how your plate should look). Want to show me some of your non steamy meal prep lids @ us on Instagram and Facebook at

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Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Peace and Blessings!!!

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