Eat Good Feel Good

Baby we made it!!! 2020 is over and we are ready to move on. 2020 was the year of vision and we saw a lot, a lot of heartbreak, truth and anger, but with all the bad juju that has come our way we’re moving forward and towards the light to our new vision and goals for 2021. Most people around this time of year have made New Year Resolutions to either lose weight, be a better person or stop cursing at the kids, whatever your goals may be for the year the question for most people is how the hell do we start anything new after the year we just had. I mean we have no idea if this vaccine will get us back to normal or will we have a new normal with different restrictions, and after the year we just had if you are not cautious or have an ominous feel about 2021, you’re crazy (haha). 

  No matter what this new world may look like in the next year or the years to follow we have to move forward. At the top of everybody’s list is usually losing weight or to make healthier choices right, right so Let’s Get Healthy!!

Keep It Moving

Building a healthy lifestyle is not easy no matter when you start and 2020 gave people who wanted a lifestyle change quite the challenge, but now we are moving forward and planning ahead to set the record straight. 

I like to think of my lifestyle goals and health goals in steps after I set my big picture for the year (main goals). Most goals fail because of improper planning, we make the goal and skip the steps. I’m pretty sure there’re a lot of people like me who think of the end results and totally forget about the steps in between. I mean who is thinking of steps when all I can think about is pretty clouds with rainbows and butterflies in my new healthy lifestyle (haha). Instead of seeing my goal as a whole I think about it in steps and that is for any goal I have in my life. Instead of just thinking you need to lose weight and get back healthy think about the first step which would be setting a schedule.

Breaking goals down into steps makes them seem more obtainable and structured. Setting a schedule seems so basic right, I mean of course you tell yourself you’re going to the gym 3 days out of the week but did you set a time? What three days are you going to work out? How will this fit into your already busy schedule?  We skip steps and not because we haven’t thought about them it’s because we fail to define the details. Details that make the changes smoother and more sufficient, that will help prevent us from failing.

Step By Step

Step by step day by day (sing the song you know you want to haha) Schedule, plan and prep!! The beginning stages to a healthy lifestyle.

Steps can make or break the changes you foresee in your healthy lifestyle so let’s break down all the steps to a successful healthy lifestyle.

Step one schedule, but not that basic bitch scheduling, real details and defined. You want to set a schedule because this will be your cushion. Set days, times, duration times, and be real about your schedule don’t set it if you know you can’t keep it. We all get caught up with life and schedules may have to be adjusted or set to the side for a moment but with a set schedule you have something to pick back up and start again.

Step two planning, planning is for food and grocery shopping. Planning your meals along with the time you go grocery shopping can really save a lot of time and money, I break this down further in my (meal prep/plan article). Planning helps with making proper food choices…the grocery store is full of things that should not be consumed on a daily basis but if you have preplanned meals to make it through the week and you have your grocery list on ready you’re less likely to give into the temptations the grocery store has to offer (quick tip: never go grocery shopping hungry you are liable to buy up the whole store and temptation will win). 

Lastly step three Prep!! I know some of ya’ll are like prep what, prep the meals prep the day what is prep haha? Prep may be the last step, but I find it to be the most important, to really succeed in this you must prep your mind. The way we think can either harm us or push us forward. A healthy lifestyle is not only defined by the outer appearance, a healthy lifestyle is about making a person healthy as a whole, mind and body.

If your mind is still cupcakes and cookies when it’s time to make the decision between a healthy snack like fresh fruit over a cookie you will choose the cookie if you have not prepped your mind to think differently. This part is far from easy, make small changes if you have to, go at your own pace not society’s and please do not eliminate food groups as that only put the body in shock, which will result in more cravings. If you eliminate the bad slowly and not all at once you give the mind and body time to adjust.

The first two steps to me are quite easy right, we schedule, we plan, but prep is where the work begins the mind can be a powerful thing but if you have a plan and schedule to help ease those moments of defeat and lack of drive, you’ll overcome every obstacle. There’s not a lot of steps to a healthy lifestyle, it’s the details that define our outcome and the mind that controls you. Think of your goals and ask yourself what does that look like for me, what steps do I need to take to get there, am I ready for this?  The beauty is in the details.

Stay healthy,

Stay Safe,


Need help finding the balance go ahead and click the tab above and select nutrition Coach to ask me questions or hire me as your full-time coach and we can start this journey together

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